"Speaking confidently in front of others can open doors you may not even know exist yet!"


Whether in person or to the camera, grow in CONFIDENCE, WILLINGNESS, and ABILITY to present, train, pitch, and speak in front of others, and see the doors and opportunities open for you/your organisation!


Welcome to Open Dawes Training's online training hub, bringing you the ONLINE and HYBRID versions of our in-person award-winning  'Communication Skills That Remove Limits' Training Programmes.


Your Pace, Your Place!

Online, on-demand video and audio lessons. Watch/listen in your web browser or mobile app - with 12 months access to return to as you develop & put it all into practice.

Retain That Personal Touch

To ensure that this is development not just training, we still add that personal interaction, feedback and mentoring directly with Chris Dawes.

Online Academy Community

Ongoing answers and support, webinars, group video calls, peer feedback opportunities within the exclusive members-only Academy group

"Overcoming my nerves and improving my skills of speaking in front of others opened doors to things I never would have imagined possible, and I am very passionate about helping others to remove their own limits too!"

Open Dawes Training Ltd's founder and lead coach, Chris Dawes, brings his own personal experiences, observations, research, and beliefs to our training content, principles, ethos and delivery of all of the above.  As a result, we have worked with individuals and groups across the full spectrum of job roles and industries, assisting with areas such as presenting, having greater presence and communication skills in meetings, training provision (train the trainer), interviews and media work, having those difficult conversations, pitches, and many more.



"For me, it is not about creating a mythical blueprint of a presenter as we are all different, whether that is in terms of personality, confidence levels of content or delivery, and what our "presenting" is required for.  At university, I would be the centre of attention with my friends in the pubs, but fell apart when asked to present, and so had to find out what I was thinking and feeling, and why to overcome those debilitating nerves.  After university, this progressed to sales and training IT presentations to other businesses, which then led to me becoming a professional motorsports commentator, presenter on TV, radio, and online, host of live events, and a voiceover artist.  Which is when I realised how lucky I was to have gone from using the thing that scared me the most to secure sales and business relationships, to now outright getting paid to do the thing that terrified me the most!"

Chris admits that he still gets nervous, but that this provides the adrenaline required to perform and sound passionate, rather than expecting to be able to completely remove the nerves.  "It is about a change in understanding and perspectives of nerves that makes the difference, not the impossibility of eliminating them completely."

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