Standalone 15-part video training course which explores the top 15 sources of nerves when presenting and speaking in public,

and will help you change your perspectives of them and keep them under control!

Preview of our "15 Ways to Tackle Nerves" video lessons

At Open Dawes Training, the ethos is that it is not about the absence of nerves, but about understanding their sources and authenticity; changing the perspective of some of them; then managing and using the adrenaline of the remaining ones to your advantage.

This training product addresses the 15 key sources of nerves that we have identified in detail and provides the answers, tricks of the mind, perspective changes, or ways to manage them before, during, or after you speak or present in front of others.

Help yourself to grow in confidence, willingness, and skills to speak in public, to give your core skills a voice, and to open doors that you may not have even known existed!

Following an introduction (video previewed below) from Chris Dawes - founder and creator of Open Dawes Training Ltd, the video training modules included in this online training product are:

  1. The Script
  2. Being Wrong
  3. Past Failures
  4. Judged
  5. Appearing Nervous
  6. Wrong effect
  7. Too many/too few
  8. Preparation
  9. Narcissism
  10. Breathing
  11. Comparing
  12. Adrenaline
  13. Interaction
  14. Hierarchy
  15. People you know

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Chris Dawes would never have believed that by conquering the nerves, and finetuning his ability to give business presentations (and training sales teams to do the same) he would land a dream role.

Because Chris’s other passion is motorsports, and he still can’t quite believe that he’s paid to commentate on his favourite sport, be a Master of Ceremony at a wide variety of events, and present on TV and Radio. Chris is also a voiceover artist – so you may have heard him even if you’ve not yet met him. Follow the link to find out a bit more about Chris and his other life as a commentator .

Chris's story of opening new and unexpected doors shows that anything is possible, and he created the Open Dawes Training courses and philosophies based on his own experiences and the opportunities it afforded him. So, if you aspire to see what doors you can open from growing in confidence, willingness, and ability to speak in public, the team at Open Dawes are here to help.

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